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About us

The art and beauty of having something broken and put together in gold and having it more beautiful and stronger because of its flaws. Repairing with gold and understanding that a piece is more beautiful when it has been broken is the philosophy of kintsukuroi. A philosophy Angalia identifies with. 

Every garment in my collection defines what an Angalia woman is. An attention to detail, Futuristic and clean take to clothing. Taking classic silhouettes and giving them a modern edge. An Angalia woman is the definition of strength, she takes risks and fearlessly and relentlessly goes after her dreams, she is an enormous powerful force of nature. 

Angalia a Swahili term meaning “look” “to envision” perfectly describes an African woman’s vision of beauty. We are building a luxury premium-clothing brand. Our focus is to make locally produced African garments of the best quality and amazing craftsmanship. Angalia stands for quality and exclusivity. Taking African fashion to the world.


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